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Mark Stephenson mark.b.stephenson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 12:27:56 EST 2017

Hi fellow makers. I wanted to share something I made. It’s called M and
it’s a piece of art, a small installation, that you can touch and change
making it an ever changing piece of art.

Here is a quick stop motion video from the vernissage so you can see what
it looks like. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ54RKmDMuB/

This is on display until March 31st at Clover Food and Drink at 155 Bank St
(near Bank and Laurier). On the 31st I take it down and then poof it’s gone
for good.

I created M for an organization called CSArt (Community Supported Art) that
curates and sells subscriptions to a season of art events. I’m the visual
artist for this season and I wanted to create one large piece of art that
provided a unique experience beyond the standard, static viewing of art.
It's made of many parts, 49 pixel cubes, that can eventually be
disassembled and individually distributed to the subscribers. In each box
is a prism shaped structure that provides three painted panels, this makes
117, 449 intended combinations with the prism faces facing forward to the
viewer. You can also think of it as 1.5 bits per cube ;-) ...but the wedge
can also point out, and unexpected but embraced feature, opening up the
idea that it could be over 13 Billion combinations.

All the parts have been laser cut at the Nepean Centerpoint Library Imagine

Please go check it out and snap a pic and tag me when you do, I look
forward to seeing what combination you come up with. Also please help
spread the word, this only exists for a month I’m hoping as many people as
possible can stop in and have a look at it.


Mark Stephenson
mark.b.stephenson at gmail.com | m: 613-797-7192 |  t: @mste
http://www.markbstephenson.com | http://ca.linkedin.com/in/markstephenson
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