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Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 22:29:30 EDT 2017

   Hey John,
   This sounds like a great initiative - I'll go check out the gofundme you
set up.

   Consider also knocking on the government's door - they just earmarked
$50 million to support projects like you're describing. North Grenville is
small enough to be "rural economic development" while being close enough to
drop in for MP photo shoots - you're basically a dream candidate.


   Also check out code.org - they're an agency out of the US (so you can
only get so much of their advice resources) but they have a great section
of the site devoted to curriculum and lesson plans for running effective
code workshops for kids of varying age ranges. Nice to not have to set up
every lesson yourself!


On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 8:12 PM, John Faurbo <jfaurbo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Long time reader, first time writer (maybe second).
> I feel like this might be a bit of spam, so for those of you who feel like
> that is the case I apologize.
> But I also figure that a makerspace community wants to help its own, and
> develop the next generation of coders and hackers. In an effort to save my
> daughter's school, we are trying to offer something that the community of
> North Grenville doesn't have: a coding and robotics club.
> If you are interested in helping the next generation of coders then please
> check out the go fund me page for the club: https://www.gofundme.com/
> oxford-on-rideau-tech-2017-goals.
> We are hoping to get some robotics kits, and a 3d printer for the club. So
> essentially a mini makerspace.
> I will probably be back on the board for advice if this gets off the
> ground.
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