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On 31/01/17 03:00 PM, Darcy Whyte wrote:
> I need to build a scale.. anybody done this? Am I better to pull sensors
> out of a cheap scale or get something?
> I'm going up to around 400g and need to differentiate about 5g...
Do you need it to be recordable/save to some log file or just see what
the weight is ?
For recordable version to build your self you need a HX711 (I have some
spare if needed) on a breakout board and some load cells for 400g (I
only got load cells for 50G or so). Loadcells can possible be pulled
from a digital kitchen scale (I pulled some from a bathroom scale).
Then it's just a question of getting something like an arduino to talk
to the HX711 (tutorials and libraries exist) and then you can start your

If you just want to see it, get a simple kitchen scale, that would be
well within your limits - mine is 1kg and +/- 2g.


> Any thoughts? Thanks in advance...
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