[Lab] netfabb Basic

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Thu Feb 2 13:30:20 EST 2017

Good afternoon!

Autodesk acquired netfabb a few months ago.  Shortly afterward, the free 
version of the STL correction software was made unavailable.

I just visted the Autodesk netfabb site and there still is no link to 
the free download of netfabb Basic.

However, I do have a copy of the installer file for the most recent 
netfabb Basic version that was released.

The EULA states:

"This "netfabb®" is a full-featured freeware edition. You are allowed to 
use and redistribute this software for free without registration, but it 
is prohibited to sell the software or to sell any copies of the software. "

If anyone wants a copy of the installer for netfabb Basic Version 7.4, I 
have the Win 32 bit version.  The registration server at netfabb still 
seems to work, so it appears you can disable the 10 second nag screen by 
registering it.

If you want the installer, send me an e-mail and I will send it to you 
using WeTransfer.com.

Stephen Burke
Account Executive
Envirolaser Ltd.

613-225-4726 Ottawa Local
613-619-1013 Mobile
800-565-9156 Toll Free

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