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Dave O'Heare dave.oheare at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 13:14:50 EDT 2017

Thanks, Stephen.

I've been bitten by (unknowingly) using equipment that was not CSA
certified; I rented a video projector a while back for an event I was doing
audio for, and got told in no uncertain terms by the organizers that the
projector was not to be used. It was an inexpensive Asian thing, apparently
appropriate for the event, but it had no markings of any sort regarding
safety certifications. Fortunately I was able to work around it, but still.

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On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 1:02 PM, Stephen Burke <steve at envirolaser.com>

> Good afternoon everyone!
> Whenever I am asked to provide a quote for 3D printing, laser cutting and
> 3D scanning equipment, I am often asked to provide proof of safety
> certification for the quoted equipment.
> CSA certification is typically stipulated by colleges and universities.
> In Ontario, ESA certification may be sufficient. UL certification is the
> American equivalent of the CSA.  Many manufacturers will also get their
> equipment UL-C certified, which is UL's certification for Canada.
> Depending on how picky the institution is, UL certification may be
> considered acceptable.
> I had to arrange CSA device certification for a  $110,000 3D Systems 3D
> printer we sold to University of British Columbia; it cost around $1,500
> for the certification. After that incident, 3D Systems made sure that their
> X60 series were all CSA certified.
> Envirolaser is the local authorized dealer for:
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> HP                                 3D scanners, printing equipment,
> software, & computers
> MakerBot                     3D printers, 3D scanners, filament, & software
> Markforged                 3D printers, filament, & software
> Robo                             3D printers & filament
> If you, or any organization that you are affiliated with, is interested in
> getting equipment from these manufacturers, please contact me directly.  I
> can provide the certification documentation and ensure that you purchase
> equipment that meets your safety guidelines.
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