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Makers made The Scout Report this week:


Thinkers and Tinkers


Makerspaces, part of the larger Maker Movement, are essentially "community
centers with tools." They are designed to engage learners of all ages with
tools and technologies as a way to craft new things and promote
collaboration and mentorship. Participants may engage in activities that
range from bookbinding to construction to coding. These makerspaces
(sometimes referred to by different names, including library labs and
tinker studios) are becoming increasingly common sights at public
libraries. The University of Alberta's Teacher-Librarianship by Distance
Learning (TLDL) program provides this helpful, detailed guide to the maker
movement. Originally designed to accompany a university course, this guide
may appeal to those new to the idea of makerspaces, as well as those who
are more familiar with this growing movement and want to implement
makerspaces into their library, community center, or school. The Background
section is a great place to start and includes a detailed description of
different kinds of makerspaces along with links to numerous articles and
other resources about the movement. Meanwhile, in the Application section,
visitors will find a number of materials to aide in setting up a
makerspace. These materials include handouts and posters that define a
makerspace and outline the respective role of students and mentors in such
spaces, a short Prezi presentation, and a collection of links to outside
resources that may ignite future project ideas. [MMB]

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