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Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Fri Sep 30 11:34:24 EDT 2016

Good morning,

I think I have previously posted that Envirolaser offers 3D scanning 
systems and software from Artec 3D, David 3D and 3D Systems.

Well, HP has acquired David 3D and the takeover process is almost complete.

As the only certified David 3D dealer in Canada we have been made aware 
of some changes.

Here's one of the changes that I am allowed to share:

The David 3D Starter-Kit 
http://www.david-3d.com/en/products/starter-kit-2 will be discontinued 
as of 31 October 2016.

This is an entry level, laser based 3D scanning system that includes the 
David 4 Pro software.  The David 4 Pro software also forms the basis of 
David 3D's structured light scanning systems.
By adding a projector (I've seen them for $350), a mounting rail and 
some other hardware (likely under $250) one could build a SLS system.

Unfortunately, it appears that HP doesn't want to offer this low entry 
cost 3D scanning option.

If anyone wants to order a Starter-Kit, please contact me prior to 
Wednesday, October 26th.

David 3D will continue to offer their SLS-2, SLS-3 and SLS-3 Stereo 3D 
scanning systems in addition to their David Enterprise/SDK, David 4 Pro 
and David 5 Pro software.

Stephen Burke
Account Executive
Envirolaser Ltd.

613-225-4726 Ottawa Local
613-619-1013 Mobile
800-565-9156 Toll Free

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