[Lab] 3D models for printing using Blender

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Wed Sep 28 13:09:35 EDT 2016

Hi Amos,

I normally would export the model as STL or OBJ.  Sometimes one format 
provides a better result than the other for intermediate processing.

Once I have the exported file, I will run it though netfabb Basic (free) 
to detect and correct any errors within the exported file.  You will 
typically find holes, inverted triangles, degenerative faces and other 
problems.  The Basic version of netfabb will allow you to auto-correct 
most of these problems with a few mouse clicks.

I also use netfabb Basic to position the model in the desired 
orientation and situated at the origin before I save any changes and 
export it as a corrected STL file.  You can also scale the model in 
netfabb Basic, allowing you to make adjustments before sending it to the 
3D printer.  Make the file is exported as a Binary STL, it seems to work 

I hope that this helps.

Stephen Burke
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Envirolaser Ltd.

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