[Lab] WANTED: Soldering Ninja workshop

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 12:36:29 EDT 2016

   Hey gang - I'm a software guy, so my hardware skills are pretty dodgy. I
know the basics but I get into situations all the time where I realize I'm
a total amateur.
   Last night I was repairing a cheap solar-charged LED flashlight and I
had some pretty tiny pads to solder onto - I made a mess. It works, but
frankly I'd be embarrassed to show it to anyone.

   Does anyone feel like throwing a soldering ninja bootcamp workshop with
a bunch of advanced tricks? I want to know about how to pick a decent
solder brand, desoldering, wicking, flux, using my toaster oven... maybe
some soldering control exercises? I could get this all from youtube but
it'd be more fun and practical to have someone show me (and probably a
bunch of other interested people) the ropes.

   Artengine's got soldering irons - we just need a teacher.
   I'd pay like $10-20 for an hour or so long tutorial + materials. If we
get a handful of people we could make it worth your time.

   Any interest in giving or taking this workshop?

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