[Lab] Maker Idea : Doll Hearing Aids

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 12:27:51 EDT 2016

   Just learned about doll hearing aids - for kids who want to play with
toys that reflect their own life experiences. So brilliant.
   American Girl have a program called "Doll Hospital" in the states where
you can bring your American Girl doll in and they'll fit a hearing aid
(permanently) to your doll's ear(s) - it's very rad! BUT, it costs $14 and
it's only available for their particular brand of dolls.

   I did a check on Thingiverse and nobody seems to have done any open
designs yet. It feels like this would be a really easy, fun project that
would improve kid's lives.
   I'd like to scan some popular doll ears and design some open hearing aid
and cochlear implant models for people to download and put on their dolls.
I've got 1100 other projects on the go but I'm aiming to have something
uploaded in time for the Christmas doll-buying frenzy.
   I thought I'd throw the idea out there in case any of you would like to

   Also - can we think of other printable accessories for diverse dolls?

   Here's an "Ostomy Buddy" for teaching kids with ostomies how to manage
their condition. So smart!


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