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Zinnia had a great time yesterday at all the kid-oriented crafting activities, and I could see her brain light up with ideas seeing everyone’s projects.  

As we wandered around, Anouk was pleased to see that we still have that enthusiastic/non-commercialized feel that the bigger MakerFaire events have lost over the years.

Post-Mortem Thoughts:

- Now that we have a few different hackerspace/makerspace facilities available in the area, we *really* need to plan on hosting an evening gathering or three leading up to and during (like the NYC Resistor gatherings that used to happen at MFNYC).  As the ‘Faire gets bigger, there’s less time to “talk shop” with the visiting makers; need to make sure the local community doesn’t get too insular/self-referential.

- Arrange for workbench access (soldering, laser cutter, CNC, etc.) for last-minute prep/fixing activities.  I had already scheduled the time off work for miscellaneous stuff and “just in case” Fun Stuff was happening, so I was able to step in to get Anouk operational (with backup plans ready thanks to Darcy) in time for her Friday afternoon CBC Radio interview.  That was for one person doing something I’ve already been following closely; it’s only going to get worse...

- Next year is the big Canada 150 year/2017 set of events.  Gonna have to step up our game for that!


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> I second that! What an amazing weekend! Thanks!! 
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>> Thanks to all the organizers and others involved!
>> What a great event!
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