[Lab] VR Hair Compatibility

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 13:23:18 EDT 2016

   This is a Japanese site that presents women with a number of suggestions
for how to make their hair and makeup VR Compatible.


   Egregious gender issues aside - it's interesting to think about how we
might adapt our fashion and culture to a future where VR is pervasive. Will
we need to pull out our nose and eyebrow piercings? Will a shaved line
across the back of your head for a hmd strap be cool, ever? :) Will Sephora
market a brand of vr-proof foundation? How will we massage the indented
"hmd-marks" off our faces after a long session of surfing?
   According to the article, fake eyelashes have a tendency to drop off
from the heat generated by the visor - the law of unintended consequences
strikes again.

   Or, will headset designs adapt quickly to fit our social pressures? I
can imagine a near future where headsets are so cheap, light and thin we
treat and style them like sunglasses. (*"I lost another Vive! I think maybe
it's in the couch."*)

   -Jason Cobill
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