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Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 11:19:58 EDT 2016

   Man, San Francisco is a pretty sweet place to be right now if you're
making stuff - I've seen lots of innovator residency programs offered
lately. The latest is this one by Swissnex, which I believe is a Government
of Switzerland technological outreach program. They want to pay you to work
on your project in their maker studio and make a bunch of Swiss
connections. (In SanFran)


   There's not much information on the site, you'd have to contact them if
you're interested.
   *We review applications on a rolling bases. Please send us a clear
description of your project and team, vision, goals, along with a
presentation and video. In our pilot year, space will be limited to 6-8
spots for the most promising projects.*

*   We offer:    - Desk for 1- 3 month    - Stipend of 5,000 USD (per
project)    - Network and introductions    - Coaching, mentors, and
workshops     - Visibility & Match Making Events*

   Their Mentor List Includes (interesting people to google):

*   Sylvain Gardel (ProHelvetia, Zurich)   Sylvie Reinhard (Engagement
Migros, Zurich)   Roger Wüthrich-Hasenöhler (Swisscom, Zurich)   Josette
Melchor (GrayArea, San Francisco)   Yelena Rachitsky (Oculus, San
Francisco)   Max Rheiner (ZHDK, Zurich)   Shari Frilot (NewFrontiers,
Sundance, Los Angeles)   Julia Kaganskiy (NewInc, New York)   Penny
Schiffer (Swisscom, Zurich)   Ru Weerasuriya (ReadyatDawn, Los Angeles)
Abir Oreibi, (Lift Conference, Geneva)   Aurelia Friedland (Lacuna Lab,
Berlin)   Claude Zellweger (HTC, San Francisco)   Cem Sever (Teleport,
Lausanne)   Jonathan Robinson (Impact Hub, London)   Nonny de la Pena
(Emblematic Group, Los Angeles)   Aaron Koblin, (VRSE, San Francisco)
Lukas Peter (Swisscom, San Francisco)   Barry Threw (Obscura Digital, San
Francisco)   Christopher Bergstresser (MTGx, San Francisco)   Dominic
Sutter (swissnex, San Francisco)*
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