[Lab] Help with Max/MSP for interactive video project

Rébecca Mamane rmama012 at uottawa.ca
Sun Nov 20 15:40:34 EST 2016


I was wondering if anyone at artengine is experienced with Max/MSP and
would be able to help me use Max/MSP to realise a video project  Here is a
description: My piece is an interactive narrative where, at certain points,
the viewer can push a button to select the next part of the story. The
narrative is broken into short clips. Once we reach the end of the first
clip, the last few frames loop, and at this point, the viewer may intervene
by pushing a button that will trigger the random selection of the next clip
to be played (Arduino input from the button fed into Max). When the viewer
pushes a button, a random number generator selects the next clip to be
played. The next clip starts playing, and then, once again, once the entire
clip has been played, the last few frames start to loop and the viewer may
push another button to once again trigger the random number generator that
will select at random the next clip to be played…and so forth. I plan to
have maybe 5 different “levels” where the viewer can choose to trigger the
next part of the story. At the last part of the narrative, all
possibilities lead back to the first clip (loop back to the beginning)- the
final clip, once it has been played, leads back to the first.
I have figured out how to do this on "one level" where you can trigger the
selection of a random clip with a piezo sensor, but I don't know how to do
the rest (have a clip play until the end and then have the last few frames
loop, and in that instance, allowing for the viewer to be able to push a
button to generate the selection of the next clip).

I would appreciate any advice on this matter.


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