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Britta Evans-Fenton brittawater at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 09:48:43 EST 2016

Hello friends,

I just wanted to pass this along here since many of us at Artengine were
friends with Mawt Trood. If you can't make it and would like one of his
works, we will be making an online store with any leftover inventory.
Details to come soon. :)

Here is the message from Paul:


Enfin…des œuvres signées par mon ami Mathieu Trudel/Art Trüde/Mawt Trood
seront en vente dimanche le 27 novembre au Idle Hands Art, Craft and Vintage
<https://www.facebook.com/Idle-Hands-Art-Craft-and-Vintage-366054643594484/> à
Ottawa. C'est une occasion de garder qqc de Mathieu avec chacun de nous. De
plus, les recettes iront à un fonds d'éducation pour sa nièce et sa
filleul. SVP partager ce message à ceux qui seront intéressés! Merci et à
bientôt! <3

At last…artwork signed by my friend Mathieu Trudel/Art Trüde/Mawt Trood
will be on sale Sunday, November 27 at Idle Hands Art, Craft and Vintage
Ottawa. This is an opportunity for us all to keep a piece of Mathieu with
us. Also, proceeds will go towards an education fund for his niece and his
goddaughter. Please share this message with others who would be interested!
Thank you and see you there! <3

*Britta Evans-Fenton*
Culture Producer
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