[Lab] seeking feedback on steppers and spindle for my DIY CNC router

Olaf Baumann olabau at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 21:48:04 EST 2016

Hey there,

I'm making slow but steady progress on my CNC router project.  A next step
is to decide on steppers/driver/power-supply and spindle/power-supply

For a 30cm x 30cm work area design intended for wood, plastic, and thin
aluminium, here is what I have in mind:

stepper: NEMA-23, 270 oz-in, 3A, Wantai 57BYGH633
driver: TB6560
power supply: 350W 24VDC
(kit on aliexpress [1])

ER11 spindle: 400W, 12-48 VDC, 3000-12000 r/min
power supply: 48VDC
(kit on aliexpress [2])

I am told that a brushless spindle would be quieter and more accurate, but
at half the price, I think I can get by with a regular brushed DC spindle.

The 270 oz-in steppers are stronger than I need.  I could go with smaller
NEMA-17 78 oz-in steppers but I want to keep my options open for a larger
build in the future.

Any feedback on these choices?  Also, if anyone has some (similar) hardware
they no longer need, I'd be open to buying it.


[1] stepper kit

[2] spindle kit
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