[Lab] Arduino Day... looking for a small electric motor?

Adrian adrian at woodsgood.ca
Mon Mar 28 09:30:05 EDT 2016

Dear all,
I have another clock in the works - "Time Weights..." that displays time
(hours, minutes and seconds) from three brass weights. The weights are
driven in a looped configuration with three servos, GT2 timing belt and a
couple of pulleys. 
As the length of the belt changes with the displayed time, I need a means of
"spooling" the excess belt, while also playing it out on demand.

I have tried a 12v brushless fan motor with a spool but there was
insufficient torque to overcome the weight of the belt and to keep it
reasonably taught. Another alternative would be to use a small DC motor to
drive a spool with a simple means to determine when it has stalled. I have
ordered some small motors through eBay but they won't arrive for a couple of

I aim to be at MakerSpace North on Wednesday.  Is there anyone who could
bring in one or more motors for me to try?

Many thanks, 

... Adrian 

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