[Lab] Removing chip from presto card

Tai argument.de.tai at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 20:19:56 EST 2016

Shamelessly stealing an idea I read about elsewhere where someone put the
chip from their transit pass into a wand and tapped that on the bus.

I'd love to know how to extract the Mifare 2 RFID (I think that's what
they're on) chip and antenna from the card and repackage it in a fun way.

Unfortunately, having shone a light through the card, it looks like the
antenna runs around the circumference. I don't know much about the
underlying science of RFIDs and I'm not sure if it would just be a matter
of extracting some chip and attaching a new, equivalent antenna (or
extracting and reshaping the existing one).

Any ideas here?

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