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Mark Stephenson mark.b.stephenson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 09:33:39 EST 2016

Hope everyone has been doing well. I haven't been out to a meet up in a
little while but I'm there in spirit. I wanted to let you all know that
yesterday I launched my first crowdfunding campaign and it's for one of my
art projects, Social Portraits. I won't get into what it's all about here,
go check out the 2 min video

Darcy helped me CNC out some panels, you can see some of that in the video.
My goodness that was so much faster than using the laser to cut those out.
Laser is nice as well but it doesn't have the same speed.

Stephane who is also on this list as well recorded my narration and
composed the background music for the video. You should check out his band

Now that the campaign has launched the next challenge is getting the word
out. Any help in this is greatly appreciated. Any contributions are (of
course) appreciated as well, small ones are just as important as big ones.

I'm happy to share what I learn so if you do or consider a campaign of your
own please feel free to reach out and ask me about mine.


Mark Stephenson
mark.b.stephenson at gmail.com | m: 613-797-7192 |  t: @mste
http://www.markbstephenson.com | http://ca.linkedin.com/in/markstephenson

Check out Social Portraits on Kickstarter
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