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Richard Sloan rsloan at themindfactory.com
Wed Dec 28 15:59:48 EST 2016

I posted to the list and got spammed with this email below, headup list

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Subject: RE: [Lab] Happy Holdidays
Date: 2016-12-28 12:08
From: "Louise Owens" <owens at LeadingRentals.site>
To: rsloan at themindfactory.com

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your interest in our rental. You were the second to e-mail
to us. The first prospective renter did not want to wait for us to
finish installing the new appliances. They moved into another property
we own in the area. The contractor finished painting the entire place.
He also installed new flooring in every room. All the neighbors are
jealous of how nice the renovations look. We are prepared to lease with
flexible terms. We will work together with you on the move in date,
lease length and deposit.

My husband and I have 15 different rentals in the area ranging from
studios to large homes. We are sure to find you a place that works for
you. All of our rentals are renovated and ready to lease. You are going
to be the first to move in with the renovations. Utilities and garage
parking are always included in the price listed. Setting up a tour is
simple. When you want to come look at our rentals, please visit the link
below and grab your report.

You can get your report by CLICKING HERE [1]

Two important notes due to our limited time. First, please have your
report ready before you email back to setup a tour. We are not too
concerned about what is on the report. We just require an updated report
pulled in the last week. All our tenants have used this site with no
problems. Second, please have a few hours to tour. We usually end up
showing multiple rentals during our tour. We have yet to fail finding a
tenant a rental that matches their needs. As long as you confirm you
have your credit report, I will reserve the property until you tour.
Just print out the report and bring it with you.

Thank you,

Hope everyone has good holidays, or are still having them :-)

I just got a shipment of parts that **should** have come on a 16mm reel,
they are SSOP24 IC's, wondering if anyone has possibly an empty one...

If not I might have to make a freinkenreel out of two 8mm :-)


[1] http://submit-url.info/1e5cb410616a739f1354960ca507ac72
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