[Lab] History of the Mighty Pencil!

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 15:44:44 EDT 2016

   It's more interesting than it sounds. :)


   I was inspired by reading about the shape and content of pencils
evolving over time - it might be a fun project to challenge everyone to DIY
a writing tool. :) I mean this thing (the oldest known pencil!) looks like
it would be fun to draw with... with all the materials we have access to
could we do some weird improvements?
   (Is graphite 3D-printer filament a thing yet?)

   For the entrepreneurial among us - "bespoke" pencils can fetch a tidy
profit. An extreme example is the Faber Castell "Perfect Pencil" made of
240 year-old olive wood with a built-in gold sharpener. Warm up the cash
register, it costs an obscene amount of money.

   Also look up Palomino Blackwings - they have a kind of cult following
among artists and writers. At $20/box they're a bit more affordable than
Faber Castell's nonsense pencil, but they're still 20x the price of
Wallmart's home brand.

   -Jason Cobill
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