[Lab] Laserables

Allan Topp ad707 at ncf.ca
Fri Sep 25 11:51:25 EDT 2015

I'm relatively new to the list so sorry if someone has enquired about 
this before ...

I want to do some laser engraving on granite, marble and laserable ceramics.

CESCO, ( http://www.cesco.ca/Catalogues/LaserableProductsCatalogue/) who 
has them all, refuses to deal with the public and I have not been able 
to get a firm whose business is laser engraving (and therefore 
presumably are customers of CESCO) to gave me the time of day.  I guess 
they'd rather do the engraving themselves rather than nurture a new 
source of revenue.

So!  Does anyone have a source for these materials that they are willing 
to share?

Thanks in advance.
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