[Lab] masters of code montreal

Remco Volmer programming at artengine.ca
Fri Sep 18 14:23:57 EDT 2015

Artengine is a community partner for AngelHack
<http://angelhack.com/>'s upcoming
Montreal event:

*Join MasterCard’s Masters of Code, an intense series of hackathons with
only one goal: traverse the globe to find the BEST in-class Coders!Winners
from each region will be flown out for the final hackathon to compete to be
the very first Masters of Code and win the grand prize of $100,000USD! For
the very first time, Masters of Code is coming to Montreal on the 26th &
27th of September!Check out the event page here @ http://bit.ly/MoCMontreal
<http://bit.ly/MoCMontreal> and use the discount code "AngelHACK" to get
FREE tickets!*
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