[Lab] Clearing out some space.... Desktops, Projector, Project boxes, SMARTBoard, etc.

Andrew Barbour andrew.g.barbour at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 12:06:52 EDT 2015

I need to free up some space for new projects - so I am trying to find new
homes for some technology.....

Prices are firm - but willing to trade if you have *anything of interest*
(steppers, servos, gears/belts, various components, unused raspberry pi or
arduino, etc).

I will be listing on Kijiji but thought I would give folks on these two
mailing lists first crack.

*Lenovo Desktops*I have a few Lenovo M57 ThinkCentre desktops.  These are
all rock solid machines. They all have 80GB HDs. Most have Windows XP
installed.  I think one or two have Xubuntu.

One machine with no RAM ($15)
A few with 1 GB ($25)
One has 2 GB ($30).

*VGA Splitter*

*Project Boxes - Hammond Manufacturing - 431623Picture at Mouser
have four of the project boxes - they are really sweet they measure about
11.5 x 4.25.x 2.5 ".
They are aluminum with slots inside for PCB so you can just slide in your
They retail around $50 - they are all brand new
$20 each

*Heat Shrink Tubing*
1/4" Black
$5 for 3 feet (total of 100 feet available - $0.75 per foot if you take it

*VGA Projector - Ceiling mounted*
Plain and simple
$60 - if interested I can send pictures

*Portable Smart Board - with carrying case*
Just attach to a projector (see above) and your laptop and ready to go....
Virtually brand new
$150 - if interested I can send you some pictures
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