[Lab] Price for PCB

Justin Hornosty jjrh70 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 12:28:40 EDT 2015

Bruce writes:

> I'm looking to have this:
> http://arduinoexplained.blogspot.ca/2012/12/dew-controllerhardware.html[1]
> turned in to a PCB.  Where should I go and any idea of a price?

I have done a couple boards from seeedstudio
http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/ it's $10 a 5x5cm and you get 10

They were pretty easy to deal with, my first PCB had a few errors and
they contacted me and in one case added some mounting holes I had messed

Other place is http://www.hackvana.com/store/ I haven't ordered from
them myself but have heard good things. You can contact the guy on
#hackvana on freenode, the guy is happy to answer questions and I have
heard he accepts GEDA and KICAD projects directly which is neat. I'm not
sure how the pricing compares, but I had asked about stencil prices and
they were quite reasonable compared to the other big sites.

There are the other common ones.
- https://oshpark.com/ (their prices are similar to seeedstudio but you
only get 3 copies of a board and I don't think they are free shipping)

- http://dirtypcbs.com/ (they are limited to 5x5 and 10x10cm but one
  nice thing is they don't charge more for different pcb colors)

I contacted one guy on aliexpress (hqpcb) for some pricing - just picked
some random sizes and I was quoted:

> 2 layers(5cps):
> 15.00cm x 5.00cm: $14
> 10.00cm x 30.00cm:$21
> 40.00cm x 5.00cm:$18
> 15.00cm x 15.00cm:$19

> 4 layers(5cps):
> 15.00cm x 5.00cm: $51
> 10.00cm x 30.00cm:$72
> 40.00cm x 5.00cm:$64
> 15.00cm x 15.00cm:$65

I haven't actually ordered anything from this guy so I can't say much -
I was just getting a feel of the pricing.

My main advice is to just make sure you double and triple check your
design and don't be shy about silkscreen text - it doesn't cost anything more to
label every component! Makes assembly much much easier.

One thing you can do is print the PCB out on a piece of paper (to scale)
and make sure things line up and make sense.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCG4daPvuVI This video is a lifesaver
for kicad (which I'm guessing is what you did the schematics on) They
really don't make it clear in the UI that the opengl mode exposes different

good luck!


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