[Lab] Milling / lasering aluminum box

Sylvain Poitras sylvain.trombone at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 15:44:56 EST 2015

This is a general request for assistance with a project I'm working on.

I started making my own guitar pedals a year ago and for my next project,
I've decided that I'd like to use slide pots instead of the usual rotary
potentiometers. One difficulty, is that while drilling holes to mount
rotary pots is trivial, I have no idea how to cut the slots through which
the faders will move.

My first idea was to use a drill / file / jiggsaw combo, but there has to
be a better way…

This is the aluminum box in question:

Would a laser cutter be a good option? Can I pay anyone to do this in town?
What kind of file do I need to create to get this kind of work done?

Any help would be appreciated,


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