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Stephane Arthur Kiss stephane.beauchampkiss at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 09:20:28 EST 2015

Hi fellow makers,

I wanted to let everyone know about First Build.com It's a
website/community that features design competitions and great top prizes! I
just found out about it recently and worked out a design for a coffee
roaster for your home oven. There's pretty low entries in the competition I
signed up for and I put lots of work into mine, so I feel like I've got a
pretty good chance at winning. Here's my entry:


The top prize is a DLP SLA 3d printer (Autodesk Ember) so I'm pretty
excited. The only issue is that the "community votes" are considered when
the panel of experts select the winner and we are encouraged to reach out
for as many votes as possible.

If you've got some time in the next few days, I would really appreciate *a
vote for my design*. Shoot me an email to get in touch and I'd be glad
to *design
and 3d print one free part for you* if I win the printer :) Even if I don't
win, I'm happy to return the favor with any CAD work you may need in the
future (don't be shy to reach out, I love working on new project ideas).

The easist way to sign up and leave a vote is to scroll all the way to the
bottom, and click on "+ Comment". This will ask you to create an account
either with an email (no validation required) or with your Facebook
account. After that, you can scroll back up and vote on my design and
others if you like.

>From the research I've done, First Build is backed by General Electric and
has a similar model as Local Motors. That is, collaborative
engineering/design and working under the Creative Commons license. So I
would encourage anyone to check out the current competitions while you're
at it (some of these would be great to collaborate on as a community).

Thanks everyone.


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