[Lab] MarkForged Mark One Pro now at Envirolaser in Ottawa

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Thu Nov 5 13:24:42 EST 2015

I put in some extra time at the Envirolaser office last night setting up the 
first 3D print on our new MarkForged  Mark One Pro.

This FFF technology printer uses nylon and Kevlar, carbon fibre or 
fibreglass to build strong, usable parts.

My first part was an Arduino Uno case for my son's MakerFaire project.  I 
was in a hurry so I used only nylon and didn't take the time to precisely 
calibrate the printer, but the results were actually quite good.

Soon the printer will be fully calibrated and loaded with the second fibre. 
I have to choose from Kevlar, carbon fibre or fibreglass.  Probably 
fibreglass or carbon fibre, as these will be the two lower costing options.

Envirolaser is the regional dealer for MarkForged so we will be selling and 
servicing these printers.  We will also be providing print services using 
our Mark One Pro.

You can check out the Mark One at www.markforged.com.

Contact me for more information about using our print service or purchasing 
your own Mark One.

Stephen Burke
Account Executive
Envirolaser Ltd.

613-619-1013 cell
613-225-4726 office
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