[Lab] Cutting MDF on a laser cutter

Stephen Burke steve at envirolaser.com
Tue Nov 3 16:27:20 EST 2015

Hi Joseph,

If you are trying to make a single-pass cut, you can use the following very general and arbitrary guide of material thickness (MDF) for Epilog lasers:

3 – 4 mm = 30 Watt
4 – 7 mm = 45 Watt
7 – 9 mm = 50 Watt
9 – 12 mm = 60 Watt

Assumes full power, a clean & properly focused lens, and a speed that doesn’t overly burn the material.

Good luck!

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From: Joseph Michael Sleiman 
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Subject: [Lab] Cutting MDF on a laser cutter

Hey guys, 

I know a lot of you cut MDF regularly with laser cutters. What's the maximum thickness they can go through? Where have you been finding the sheets? Most of the stuff at the box stores appears too thick, and Epilog's site doesn't seem to yield any answers...

I know it varies, but I'm sure there's a ballpark?

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