[Lab] Exterior LED lighting RGB (Henri K)

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Sun Nov 1 13:31:01 EST 2015

Although those LEDs indicate "waterproof" from all acounts I have read
about them you must actually waterproof them yourself where the wires go in
with something like liquid electrical tape.

I personally use ebay WS2812B strips in the silicone sleeves for my house.
They've been outside for a year now (I permanently installed them last
year) and am going to be testing them out again in a week or too.  They
worked flawlessly last year for a solid month of daily llight shows.  I
found them actually too bright at full intensity and they overpowered the
stanard LED lights on the trees.

I had hoped to go full RGB this year but it is looking like it might be
mostly the same hardware as last year...

(note this link only works on a PC due to the copyright of the songs.)

I also have a few turtorials and a bit of info on my blog.



On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 3:10 PM, Adrian <adrian at woodsgood.ca> wrote:

> Henri,
> What about these?  I have found that they throw a lot of light and are
> still
> simple to program.
> http://www.ebay.ca/itm/25PCS-WS2811-RGB-Full-Color-Pixels-12mm-Waterproof-Ad
> dressable-LED-String-DC-5V-/401020367269?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
> Many thanks,
> ... Adrian
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