[Lab] Stuff for trade or free - including a configurable electronics workstation.

Andrew Barbour andrew.g.barbour at gmail.com
Fri May 29 13:42:09 EDT 2015

I need to make space for my diy CNC.....

If anyone is interested in a nifty keen highly configurable, infinitely
adjustable workstation.... have I got a deal for you...

Check out a pic of it here:

If you have something interesting to trade (components, power supply, hakko
tips, switches, an old raspberry pi, beer, karma) let me know.  Oh yeah..
there is a 17" LCD that folds down and a power bar that mounts to the back
of the worksurface that I will include.

I also have the following for trade:
- Hammond 4407 project enclosures
- a marantz casette recorder ( this was THE best portable casette recorder
in its day) PMD201
- a Freedom 9 NAS - it has 3 brand new Aeagate green 1TB drives (4th bay is
empty as I needed the drive).  This was never deployed.
- Lenovo M57 desktops

For karma I have:
- An old IBM x336 server...sounds like small aircraft
- An IBM USB keyboard and mouse
- ps2 mice
- first gen kensington track ball in the highly coveted beige finish....

Anyone else cleaning out and have stuff to trade??
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