[Lab] Buying copper wire

Andrew Barbour andrew.g.barbour at gmail.com
Mon May 18 09:27:14 EDT 2015

I have a half dozen rolls of 18AWG in various colours (Belden 9918 004 -
Yellow as an example) 30Metre rolls.

They retail at the insane price of $70-80 a roll on Digikey or Newark  - I
did not pay this and am just trying to get back some of my cash outlay.  If
you are interested $20 a roll.


On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 5:48 PM, Tom Burns <tom.i.burns at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm sick of using high gauge ribbon cable for wiring between circuit
> boards and potentiometers, and similar low-power applications.  Especially
> because this 909 clone I'm building has a bunch of 0.1" and 0.156" molex
> connectors I need to crimp.
>   Where should I go to buy ~30' of multistrand copper wire?  Probably want
> 10AWG, 14AWG, 7AWG.
>   Digikey links, or local suggestions would be great.
> Thanks in advance!
> Tom
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