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Ken McKinnon klmckinnon at rogers.com
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I shoould also mention the connectors and pins play a huge role in choice.
from http://www.molex.com/catalog/web_catalog/pdfs/C.pdf
for Molex .100", no pin carries more than 3 Amps, so using anything 
below 20 AWg for moderate runs is a waste of copper.


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That's some pretty hefty stuff, capable of carrying high currents, and 
consequently tougher to handle, needing heavier gauge tools to work.
Normally hobbiests live above the 18AWG - 30AWG side of things. For 
stranded wire of that size, you can likely get some at either the Home 
Depot like or electrical shops (Westburne).  7AWG is an unusual size 
(commercially available), you may have to move to 6 or 8 depending on 

Just out of curiosity, how much current are you intending on driving as 
ultimitely that is the factor that guages size (current and line voltage 
loss (i.e. I2R) over the run)
Given your pin sizes (.100" and .156"), you will have maximum wire AWG 
that you can use.
http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/awg-wire-gauge-d_731.html will convert 
AWG to mm2, but to get to your pin size you would need to do some 


On 2015-05-17 11:48 PM, Tom Burns wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm sick of using high gauge ribbon cable for wiring between circuit 
> boards and potentiometers, and similar low-power applications.  
> Especially because this 909 clone I'm building has a bunch of 0.1" and 
> 0.156" molex connectors I need to crimp.
>   Where should I go to buy ~30' of multistrand copper wire?  Probably 
> want 10AWG, 14AWG, 7AWG.
>   Digikey links, or local suggestions would be great.
> Thanks in advance!
> Tom
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