[Lab] Mini / Nano Quads

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Fri May 1 22:54:33 EDT 2015

OK, so anyone that has been out to a modlab in the last month or so has
likely seen a few Nano Quads flying around like the CX10 available from
eBay, AliExpress, etc.  These little Quads are only about $20 and don't
cause severe lacerations when contacting innocent bystanders and even seem
to be fairly resilient.

A bunch of members have started picking them up and on Wednesday there were
5 flying around the room like a small swarm of bees buzzing about.

Anyways, a couple people have suggested formalizing some challenges / races
so I thought I would see what I could dig up in terms of ideas.  So far
this is what I have found floating around the Internet.

   - Sink-hole - fly down through a large diameter cardboard tube - perhaps
   1ft diameter, 2-3 ft tall - tricky because you can't see what's happening
   inside the tube
   - You've Got Mail - fly through a rectangular opening the size of a
   standard letter
   - Silhouette - break through a sheet of tissue paper
   - Lay-up - fly up through one horizontal hoop and immediately down
   through an adjacent horizontal hoop
   - Time tunnel - fly through a series of vertical hoops - at least 3
   - Crew cut - Trim hanging strips of tissue paper, more points the
   shorter you can cut it
   - Limbo - fly under low bar
   - Thin Lizzy - fly through a narrow gap between two cardboard walls
   - Slalom - fly through staggered gates
   - Quad Shy - try to knock over a stack of paper cups
   - Ivory Tower - land on top of a tall tower, with a small landing area -
   thinking 6 inch diameter
   - Another option might be to attach the tissue streamers to the bottom
   of the Quads and dog fight each other. This may be slightly better than
   trying to crash into each other....
   - Bonus points for adding a flip into any of the above...
   - Double Bonus points if we hack together some kind of automatic timer
   to have timed races... ;)

I welcome more ideas from everyone.

Once we get some solid ideas we can maybe setup a few official times to
meet.  I am thinking maybe Sunday afternoons at Maker Space North as it is
an awesome indoor facility which many of us attend anyways although some
Sundays are clean up days from the party the night before...

If you have not already purchased your quad, I really suggest you grab
one.  They really are a lot of fun and it's small enough my wife lets me
fly it in the house.

PS: If you order one make sure to also purchase a bunch of extra blades; if
you are anything like me and tend to crash it while learning to fly, they
will come in handy!

Happy flying!
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