[Lab] Need expertise for artistic project

claude wauthier clauwau at videotron.ca
Tue Mar 31 07:42:58 EDT 2015

Thanks Michael, I will attend the MobLab tomorrow to see the interest in my project and perhaps determine if I can do this myself.

> On 31mars2015, at 07:31, Michael Lechasseur <mlecha at artengine.ca> wrote:
> Hi lab,
> Claude could use some assistance. I've invited him to ModLab. 
> Michael
> Need expertise for artistic project
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> Date: 29/03/2015 8:28 AM
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> Good day,
> I will be completing my arts degree next month at UQO.  I am an "old" student.....  My final project involves electronic that is quite beyond my knowledge and technical abilities.  So I am looking for someone who could help me to resolve this issue either through programming or building the necessary apparatus.  I will pay for the parts and work involved, unless it is way too expensive.  I have attached a schematic of the intended project.  The presentation will take place on 21 April. 
> If anyone knows if this is "easily" feasible, reliable and completed in a relatively short time, you may contact me through email or phone.
> If I do not solve the technical aspect, I have to change the project.    
> Thank you for any help or reference that you can provide. 
> Claude Wauthier
> 819.669.9128     
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