[Lab] Help finding a timer to control memory wire

Molly Mask molly.emask at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:19:32 EDT 2015

Hi, I'm a part of an electronic media art class at Uottawa and I'm working
on a project right now that involves memory wire. I'm looking for a fairly
compact/simple way to control a power source to the wire without the use of
an arduino. I've looked into using a battery power source for the voltage I
need to activate the wire, but what I need is a timer solution that will
allow me to control the activation of the wire to allow it to grow and
contract and to not burn the wire out. So far I have looked at using a time
delay relay and a 555timer. The 555timer seems most promising-- Is there
anything else I should be aware of or look into before going down this


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