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Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
Tue Jun 23 11:45:58 EDT 2015

Okay I'll move the CNC project tomorrow around 4 or 4:30...
If anybody is interested in this machine by the way it has a larger cutting
area than the laser and can process acrylic and a bunch of other materials
the laser can't such as polycarbonate (stronger than acrylic) and thicker
woods... Plus it does engraving.

Here are a couple of fun projects I've done on one of these:

We're bringing it to Maker Space North so feel free to drop by to see it. I
suppose we should have it there not much after 5:30. It'll be in suite 216
(ramp around back) of the City Center building on City Center Avenue.

It will be a shorter evening with the CNC since there is a quad/drone
meetup so I'm sure that will distract everyone.

There will be lots of chance to see the CNC in the future too as it'll be
on more road trips.. even Atomic Rooster Pub... and I can imagine bringing
it back to Artengine if there is any interest...

Also in M70 I've got some cardboard I was supposed to move on the weekend
but that didn't pan as I had rough weekend and I was ill eventually... It's
super nice cardboard that's 1/4" thick and is very straight (I used it to
make stuff like this lantern http://inventorartist.com/parol-contest-2014/).
Anyway, given that it seems time is running out if someone wants it feel
free to let me know and grab it.

Darcy Whyte

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On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 11:22 AM, Jason Arnold <arnold.jason at gmail.com>

> There may be some hardboard and clear acrylic in the laser room (M76) with
> my name (Jason Arnold) on it. I won't be back before the big reno, so
> anyone who wants it is welcome to it.
> Le 2015-06-22 8:57 AM, "Remco Volmer" <programming at artengine.ca> a écrit :
>> The construction around Arts Court will begin in earnest very soon. We
>> are clearing the lab spaces as much as we can before the loading dock
>> becomes inaccessible. We are asking everyone to pick up any items they may
>> have stored in the lab before the end of the month. Anything still in the
>> labs after July 1st will be considered unwanted.
>> We also want to take out the two large grey tables (with the heavy metal
>> legs) and the 20 or so black curved chairs. The backs of the chairs are
>> unsupported so not very suited for the lab. If anyone is interested in
>> these items, let us know and they are yours to pick up this week.
>> Thanks!
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