[Lab] Evil Drones

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 12:19:15 EDT 2015

   I imagine this will cause a whole round of legislation around drone use
- but by the time parliament gets around to it some idiots will have
mounted something even more dangerous to their next version. A teenager in
conneticut posted a video of his handgun drone firing rounds into a forest.
The crazy surprise is that it's "kindof legal".

   There's an article on Reddit today about Boeing's malware drones,
intended to get close enough to private wifi network hubs to upload server

   I think the days of drones being perceived as "neat-o toys" are
dwindling - a few more of these stories in the media (not to mention the
already frequent peeping tom stories and drones accidentally crashing into
crowds) and drones are going to become public enemy #1.
   I hope the drone community's got some good-news stories in the works. We
have to get drones involved in disaster relief, search and rescue, and
emergency medical deliveries.

   -Jason Cobill
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