[Lab] Google Cardboard in Classrooms

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Fri Jul 10 14:28:00 EDT 2015

Doesn't every kid over the age of 8 already have one?... Somewhat joking
but my kids both ages 11 and 13 are ecouraged (almost expected) to bring
phones or iPod to some of their classrooms.  I thought at first that they
were telling us storries, but in fact when we looked into it, many teachers
(including within our school) were in fact embracing phones and some mobile
apps.  Might be a bit more tricky to find enough "supported" android phones
in the classrooms, but I'll bet you could find at least a few in each
classroom already.

It is a great video though and it does inspire me to get my cardboard out
and stick those lens' into it!

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 12:03 PM, Jason Cobill <jason.cobill at gmail.com>

>    Hey Cardboard enthusiasts.
>    I just saw this video and felt inspired:
> https://www.youtube.com/embed/mlYJdZeA9w4?autohide=1&cc_load_policy=0&hl=en&cc_lang_pref=en&autoplay=1
>    If we wanted to do this in Ottawa, we could could order in a bunch of
> lenses and we've got everything at artengine we need to laser cut the the
> "frames", but does anyone have a connection that would get us access to a
> room's worth of android phones?
>    I wonder if we organized something and put a call in to Telus or Bell
> if they'd hand over a crate of handsets.
>    Anyone else interested in trying to get VR into a local classrooms as a
> pilot project?
>    -Jason Cobill
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