[Lab] 3D printer Electronics?

j ross waterfallclose at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 16:56:03 EST 2015

The electronics on my Makerbot 2X blew up (yes there was smoke :)  but
rather than go back to Makerbot I'm thinking I'll replace it with something
more open source (or at least less closed).  Been looking at tried and true
reprap stuff like RAMPS 1.4 +arduino Mega + Repetier but wondering if
anyone has experience with more modern electronics?  Although alternatives
abound, details and recent experiences seem to be hard to come by.  eg.
Alligator, R2C2, Megatronics, Smoothieboard, etc, etc. Will likely add a
server and webcam while I'm at it.  (It's a pitty tinyG doesn't support hot

Any thoughts would be welcome!   Thanks!
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