[Lab] Any ideas what these parts are called on Digi-Key

Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Tue Jan 20 12:20:24 EST 2015

I'm not sure if this will help but for problems that involve specialized
connectors, I have often resorted to making my own. 

I use 20cm - 50cm lengths of Female To Female jumper cables (like this
which come on a 40-way 0.1" ribbon cable. 

Choosing the right starting colour (0 black, 1 brown, 2 red etc.) , I tear
off and attach the appropriate number of cables onto the connector. I  smear
a drop of superglue across the female sockets (it wicks into the gaps
between them) and this glues the entire female connector assembly together.
Et voila! This works for any number of conductors and for both single and
dual in line connectors (great for connecting to an ESP8266).
Hope that this helps.

Many thanks, 

.... Adrian

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