[Lab] IR Remote Control

Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Thu Jan 8 14:56:25 EST 2015

Dear all,
Several months ago there was an interesting discussion about low-cost ways
to set and control an Arduino-based clock. 

Well, you may be interested to see the implementation that my son and I came
up with in the design of his RGB LED STRIP ALARM CLOCK (see

Along with the typical alarm clock features, we integrated the functions of
an inexpensive RGB strip IR controller. An IR receiver interprets signals
from a simple remote transmitter and directly controls the hue, intensity
and saturation, and some dynamic light effects, of the RGB LED strip.
The IR receiver module and IR remote transmitter are readily available on
eBay and can easily form the basis for remote control of a wide variety of
What do you think?

Many thanks, 

.... Adrian

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