[Lab] Network access for Laser

Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Mon Jan 5 12:24:58 EST 2015

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to everyone for the work arounds on the laser in this confusing and
troublesome troubleshooting.

In terms of network access to the laser cutter I agree that it is much more
agreeable and productive work flow if you can send files directly from your

There is no network access in the M76 room, but it seems that we could set
up a wireless hub for the sole purpose of giving access to the laser cutter
and this would allow any one interested in having direct access without
having to rewire anything.

If someone is interested in setting up a router that the cutter can be
accessed through please let us know. The installation of the necessary
print driver is fairly easy on your personal computer, and all of the
instruction are in the manual.

The laser will likely not be going out into the community any time soon, so
any set up will remain intact for a while.

The list of settings has also become quite long. If there is someone also
interested in participating in a clean up of this that would be great.


Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
2 Daly Ave.        Ottawa, ON
K1N 6E2          613.686.1941
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