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I want to independently rotate two or possibly three arms - like the hands
of a clock - and am looking for a "shaft within a shaft within a shaft"
assembly. Each arms is to be separately controlled by 360 degree servos (not
continuous rotation) or steppers. Right now, I am looking to see what's
available and so far I've drawn a blank. 

To your response, the Dremel only provides one shaft and I'm looking for
more. As for bearings, it would be a ball race or just cold-metal (brass on
brass). I am still looking for possible ideas.


Many thanks, 


... Adrian 


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Understand exactly.

But what  are the dimensions  and what speeds and torques ??  


Could you  use flex drives  such as For Dremel  of Canadian Tire have  a
cheepie  for $3.00    If You use these one must be sure to turn such that
the inner cable is tightened not unwound.


Last alternative is to build your own   when the question becomes:::
what of the inside bearing betweent the inner and outer shafts ?


Alex B

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Hello all,

I'm looking for a supplier of clock-like concentric shaft assemblies to use
for a large art display. 

Ideally, I'm looking for two independent shafts (one inside the other) on a
common axis to convey two rotary motions from one side of a baffle to the

Hope that you get what I'm after. 

Any ideas please? 

Many thanks, 

... Adrian ( <http://www.wooduino.ca> www.wooduino.ca )


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