[Lab] your personal experience with 3d printing

Chris de Groot cdegroot at adobe.com
Sat Aug 22 13:36:42 EDT 2015

I think after building one and using one that they are two separate things.  Building one and dialling it in takes a lot of time and focus. It is a skill all to itself. Now using a 3d printer in the creation of designs one makes, artistic or technical is an end in itself. If you mix them I feel it is too much and most people will not get to the end. So my recommendation is to choose one or other.

My 2c any way. I love the 3d printing thing, but it is a huge time sink.


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I know I could buy a make magazine and compare the model etc.  But what I need is your experience by what you have experience.  Is it better to assemble a printer or buy an already built one, which you think is more suitable for a teenager market etc...



P.s : is the modlab always open the Wednesday night
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