[Lab] Is Bucko still on the list?

Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 11:01:52 EDT 2015

   Hey Bucko - if you're reading this:
   I missed you at Tangled but I saw the videos on your facebook page -
your music is rad and the chair is looking flippin' amazing.

   1) What state's your chair in these days? What's your music gear setup
look like? It looks like you're using an iPad or something as your music
interface? Are you carrying speakers or patching into the audio board at
the club?

   2) It looks like you're driving a bunch of programmable LED cables - how
are you cycling the colour? The way you have them looped from the front to
back reminds me of the new LED "Tubulum" backpacks that the Blue Man Group
wear - every time they hit a Midi pad a light "runs" down the tube. (I
can't find any good videos of their new packs. The effect is really cool!)

   3) How much power are you drawing with your setup, and where's it coming
from? Are you running it off a second battery with an inverter? What's your
battery life like?

   Can you do a show & tell on the mailing list? :) I'd love to see where
things are at.

   -Jason Cobill
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