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Jonah St-François jonah.tech11 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 22:36:21 EDT 2015

Hello, I'm not sure if this is where to do it, but I'd like to introduce

I'm Jonah, I'm an 18 year old electronics engineering student and
technology is my main passion in life. I absolutely love learning about
anything I can technology wise, and for most things I guess. I don't really
know how 'hacker spaces' work, but I'd very much like to attend one and see
what it's all about.

I recently moved to the Hull area of Gatineau and started a degree in
programming at Heritage college, but realized that though I love
programming, doing it as a job would not be my slice of pie; so I switched
into electronics engineering because it's extremely hands on, as am I, and
I'll still get the programming aspect that I love when I'll actually be
making my designs work.

I'd love to attend the next meeting, if it's at all possible.

Thanks for reading,
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