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Remco Volmer programming at artengine.ca
Mon Apr 13 10:49:36 EDT 2015

A plug for the Ottawa Tool Library's crowdfunding campaign, a worthwhile
addition to the local maker scene:

*Special Announcement*
*Ottawa Tool Library - providing low cost access to tools, space, skill
building and sharing.*

*Much like the public book library, but you borrow tools. Four categories
of tools fill the library inventory including hand, power, garden and
kitchen tools. Whether you are a maker, crafter, artist, hobbyist, builder,
cook or gardener, the Ottawa Tool Library provide unlimited access to all
the tools in the lending library with your annual membership.*

*Current fundraising efforts will see the library open in 2015. Until April
26th, OTL's Indiegogo campaign offers Perks at $10 and up, with memberships
available at a discount of $40 per year.*

*To buy a perk or to donate *http://igg.me/at/OTL
*To find out more* www.ottawatoollibrary.com
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