[Lab] Grey water tank design

Matthew Bells matt at mbells.ca
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You have a few easy options:


1.       A clear pipe outside, mounted vertically, with a pin hole at the top. The water will be the same level in this as the rest of the tank so long as nothing is blocking it from equalizing. (Like this: http://www.watercache.com/images/education/clear-pipe-before-sm.jpg )

2.       A sonar water level sensor + Arduino. Mount on top of the tank pointing down.

3.       A float that is visible. Could be combined with (1) if you’d like to bring the meter out and up to the level of a deck for example. This would basically add the height of the float to the water level. Mostly good for underground tanks.



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Not really art-related, but given the creativity of the audience, I thought I'd ask here first.

I'm moving to the West Coast soon and the house has a large grey water tank in the crawl space to buffer the rain water collected by the eavestroughing before slowly draining through a 1" conduit at the bottom. Given the increasing drought conditions, I want to turn it into a grey water storage tank by redirecting the existing drain at the bottom to a tap, and moving the drain to the top of the tank to prevent overflow.

Here's what I need:

- Because of lack of maintenance from the previous owner, there's a lot of gunk in the tank that can obstruct the drain. I have temporarily added a screen to the existing drain. Is there a design (maybe an inverted "L"?) I can use for the drain INSIDE the tank to prevent floating debris from being sucked in and avoid a screen that will clog over time and reduce pressure?

- The tank is not readily accessible so I need a remote water level alarm/measurement system. Given a 2ft water column creates about 1psi of pressure, I don't think a pressure sensor will be accurate enough. That leaves a float-based mechanism. Any idea/suggestions?


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