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Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Tue Sep 30 12:30:40 EDT 2014

I can't think of anything better than concentric brass tubing...

You may be able to drive them with gears instead of a belt as they can be
thinner.. or a combination. I suppose if there were four different sized
gears, then each could mate a pinion and they could be al l/4 inch apart so
the gears are just 1" deep. Even less... belts are all kinda fat I find...
and more parts.

Hey wait, you could drive two from the front and two from the back. You'd
wind up with stuff on the face but it might be interesting....

Or drive two from the front and at the back have a gear and the centre
shaft direct drive...

Or drive them with some sort of magnets... if each of the hands/rotors has
a magnet at a different radius perhaps there's a way of driving it that
way.. could be getting more complicated but might be worth thinking about...

You can drive the face too... Oh, and lights can animate freely without any
mechanical (as you already know as I can see that in one of your clocks)...

Oh here's one.. a two axis arm could move all the hands like a pick and
place. Catch is it'd have to be on the front (I think). Imagine a servo
that rotates an arm in front of the arms. an appendage reaches down to
adjust the arms just as a human would. Would make for some interesting
patterns as it resolves conflicts (such as passing an arm near the face
underneath an arm further from the face).

Oh, if you want to go three axis, then the mover could be off the axis
(could retract off to the side). Or even a gantry.

With that you can have as many arms as you want...

Rather than replicating this thing, just have it large enough to reach all
the faces...

Getting crazy... but this is all thought. :)

Darcy Whyte

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On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 12:12 PM, Adrian Jones <adrian at woodsgood.ca> wrote:

> I've also been thinking about making some sort of concentric shaft system
> handling up to 4 shafts for a piece of art that I have in mind. I would
> need
> 6 separate shaft systems and hence 24 steppers but hey, art does not come
> easy (tee hee)!
> The best idea I've come up with so far is to use a set of incrementally
> larger brass sleeves (as brass is self lubricating) with similarly toothed
> cogs soldered/glued to each one. Carefully sized nylon spacers would be
> used
> to keep everything aligned and spaced. A toothed belt would connect each
> cog
> (and sleeve) to its own stepper motor.
> Just thinking...
> .... Adrian_the_Canadian
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